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My First Blog

1. Who am I

I am Shixuan Li, currently a student in UC Berkeley, majoring EECS & IEOR, class of 2020.

There’s so many intuitions why I write this blog. Basically, I would like to make this place a platform for the sharing of knowledge and a notebook recording my progress in the amazing CS world.

I’m still trying to develop the website to make it a better place for not only posting articles but hold discussions.

2. What’s in Here

I will try to summarize and post my notes and tutorials for some CS related fields such as Computer Programming, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Computer Security, Database Systems, BlockChain, Data Science, etc. I will try to make a nice and easy-to-understand version of notes for the public. I really enjoying exploring the universe of technologies, and I hope I can introduce the beauty of technology to the world.